Thursday, February 14, 2013

Project Inspiration--Travel Journal

Let me start by saying this journal was not my original idea. However, I can't find where I originally saw the tutorial. Once I read it, I decided to do it my own way. But as soon as I see the original post again, I will link it.

I made all of the embellishments using my Silhouette Cameo and Pen Holder for Cameo/SD

Silhouette Cameo (not necessary)
The Sensory Emporium Pen Holder (Optional as well)
Clamp Envelopes (Large size)

I used my pen holder with a Gelly Roll Gel Pen or Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Marker to create all of the embellishments seen in the picture above. I would be happy to share any of these files if you email me at

I also used my pen holder and cameo for all of these embellishments. Also showing in this picture is the envelopes I got. I would recommend as an after thought to get the ones that do not have glue on the flap.

Fold your envelopes in half and punch with a hole punch. I just put my hole punch in as far as I could and punched on the fold line.

I alternate the folder opening such as this. That way when you put all your treasures you find on your vacation, your bulking up both sides, not just one side. This will probably make more sense when I get back from my vacation and post the finished finished journal.

Measure the side of your folder that does not have the clasp and cut your scrapbook paper to size. Glue to the folder with the outside edges matching up. Add your embellishments where ever you see fit. I also fold the extra journal pieces in half and alternate those throughout the journal. I save all my extra embellishments (Mickey heads, Princess Silhouettes and Quotes) for when I have my pictures back.

For the side with the clasp, I trim a little of the extra paper off the edge and then punch a hole where the clasp is. That way I use up most of the ugly color folder without having to trim around the clasp.

Now you may have to go back through and repunch the holes in the folder. Or you can wait till you have all your paper on and then punch the holes. Up to you. As an afterthought, I really think waiting to punch the holes until after you have the paper glued on would be much much easier! Also, don't punch the hole of the journal pages the same way, you'll have to wait and see how they center in your journal. Cut a piece of jute or ribbon to bind your journal. I cut mine extra long so I could tie it closed.

And there you have it. A nice travel journal to collect all of your napkins, maps, misc. treasures you collect on your vacation, as well as a nice place to journal about things you don't want to forget.

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