Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dinosaur Party

My son's 4th birthday party was a success! We had so much fun and the fact that I could make all the decorations made me so happy! Here are a few of the decorations I made with my cameo.

Below I will attempt to post a tutorial for the dino food cards. They were such a hit!

Step 1: I start off with 2 2x3 rectangles and the image I want to use.

Step 2: Line up the rectangles and draw a line where they come together. Weld the rectangles together, but not the line you drew. Set this line to cut perforated.

Step 3: Size your image and place it where you want it on the card.

Step 4: Offset your image and make sure it still fits where you want it. Make the offset and the original image a compound path.

Step 5: Duplicate the original line and then use your knife tool to cut along the original line where the image is and cut slits in the bottom portion of your image.

Step 6: Replace the line where it goes. Type out your words and use your favorite method of printing. Either print and cut or sketching. And that's it! You have awesome food cards.

These are available to purchase by custom order. Just message me on etsy for more details.

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