Saturday, August 31, 2013

Project Inspiration--Pregnancy Journal

Okay, it's been a very long time since I've posted. I just haven't felt inspired lately and it's been same ol' same ol'. Anyway, I created an awesome gift for a friend of mine who just found out she is pregnant. I can't wait to give this to her!

This is the cover. I used my pen holder, gelly roll gel pens and scrapbook paper. I also picked up some embellishments from Michaels to help me out a little. I had just today to complete this project, so not a lot of time to create my own embellishments.

Quick look at all the pages. I made some of the pages, pocket pages so she could stick mementos in there, extra journaling or whatever she wants. I created those by first drawing a box the size I wanted it and then extending it about a quarter inch. Then I draw a line that will be perforated on three edges. Maybe I'll do a tutorial for that sometime, but it's pretty simple.

And I can't figure out why some of these are flipped. Driving me crazy tilt your head or your screen. Ha ha. Have a great day and I hope this post inspired you!


  1. Hi!
    i loved the idea of the pregnancy journal, may i ask what font did you use on it?
    what are your favorite fonts to use with the pens/ penholder

    1. LD Dainty and KG Sweet and Sassy. LD Dainty is from the SIL store.

      There are tons of fonts I use daily. LD Dainty is probably one of my favorites, but I have a list here and then a blog on filling other fonts here: