Wednesday, January 8, 2014

E's 2nd Birthday Party

I love my cameo, there is no hiding it. When I can make all the decorations for my children's birthday parties at a very low cost, I have more to spend on other things. So without further ado, I present Emma's Under the Sea Birthday Party.

 These were her invitations. Yes they are cricut whales, but I loved them too much!
Embroidery is my new adventure.  This is the first appliqued shirt I did. I think it turned out pretty good for a first try.
The birthday girl's banner!
Let me tell you, this banner was very difficult. I'm sure there is an easier way.  I cut half circles with a little tail..kind of a square half circle if that makes sense and glued them to a pennant shape. One of a kind, I'll never do this banner ever again!

Got the idea for the Octopus cupcakes from Family Circle magazine (I think).

Food cards made with the silhouette. A tutorial here.
For the amount of snow we got, it was a pretty good turn out. It was a cute little party for my cute little girl.

 Happy Birthday Sweet Emma.  I love you!
And just in case you're looking for ideas for a Under the Sea party, here are some of the finer details:
Chicken of the Sea (Chicken Salad)
Deli Meat
Fruit of the Sea (Fruit Salad)
Octoveggies and Dip (Vegetables and Dip)
Seaweed Dip and Sand dollars (Spinach dip and crackers)
Goldfish Bar
Fish Bait (Gummy Worms)
Party Favors:
Customized sand buckets
Embroidered beach towels
Rubber Ducky

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