Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Super Easy Picture Frame

I have wanted to create a photo wall for a long time. Well, that's not completely true, I have a photo wall, but it's your everyday frames that anyone can have. I want something with personality. So I looked into having all my favorite pictures turned into canvas prints (too pricey) and I looked into the transferring photos to wood tutorials (kind of pricey and my printer is always on the fritz); nothing seemed to be what I wanted. So, I give you my quick and easy way of turning your photo wall into something unique (with a pop of color).

So first, you'll need your favorite pictures and a wood blank of some sort. I sell some of these shapes on facebook (here).

Trace the shape onto your photo and cut inside the pen line as close as possible. If you cut right on the line, you'll be able to see a shadow of the line.

Then, you'll need your pop of color paint, sponge brush (I actually used a sponge for both brushes) and some Mod Podge. I use the gloss for everything. But there are tons of different Mod Podge finishes and it's not really important for this project.

Paint the edges of your shape. It's okay if it gets on the top, just make sure you smooth it out so there aren't lumps under your picture.

After the edges are mostly dry, cover the surface with Mod Podge. I used a pretty thick layer, but not too much or it'll drip out the side. You don't want to get any on the painted edge.

Pop your picture on and press it out. I used a pan scraper (dedicated to my craft room) to get it really pressed down. You could also set a heavy book on it for a while. Add a saw tooth hanger to the back and hang it on your wall. We will hopefully be moving in the next year, so when I have my new space, my wall will be covered in these unique shapes with a pop of color. I'll come back and update!


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