Monday, September 8, 2014

Family Command Center

It's been a looooooong summer and we decided to unplug a little bit. But with one of my kiddos in school and the other adjusting to being an only child for half the day, I finally have some free time. I'm just barely getting in on the blog train for The Silhouette Challenge this month, but I really wanted to do this one so it would motivate me to finally get this project done.

My first day as a parent of one, I decided to take everything out of the dining room, clean the carpets and rearrange. The dining room doubles as my office. I have a decent craft room, but the lighting in the dining room is so much better. Plus, it isn't shut away from the rest of the house, which is nearly impossible to do when you have one kid or 10. With school starting, we're going to have a lot of paper coming our way. I didn't want B's important papers getting mixed with my work papers. Hence, a family command center!

Sorry for the terrible pictures. My camera charger is missing! So you get cell phone pictures this week.

So here is my command center before. It's a mess. It's disorganized. It's also the previous home to our Deployment Countdown for my step-dad. That has been moved and this wall is going to be a fantastic command center.

No tutorial this time. But I did make this sign. I'm pretty much in LOVE with it. I used vinyl as a stencil and painted. So pretty! And if you're looking close, I know my wall is overwhelmed with EST. 2009. I'll have to change the clock eventually.

Here's the after! Picture a really trendy table cloth for over the book shelf, but black is what I have on hand this week. So top to bottom, left to right:
1. Our Family Sign (LOVE!)
2. Clock
3.Calendar (A must have to keep us all on track)
4.Pictures of my kiddos
5. Clipboard for B's papers, lunch menu, etc.
6. Cork board for art work, notes and other misc. important stuff.
7. E's clipboard (I'll probably use this for myself since E isn't in school yet)
8. No command center is complete without a Hello Kitty blue tooth player.
9.Our fish bowl that currently just holds a moss ball. Coming soon: A beautiful Beta fish.
10. And the messy bookshelf that is still messy (though not as messy as the before picture) but all concealed behind a beautiful table cloth.

This space is going to be so functional! I'm so excited to have all our stuff in one area and to have my office area a little neater.

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  1. Wow that wall is not only beautiful but functional as well. Great work!!

    1. Thank you! My dining room is one of my favorite rooms. My mom did all the painting in my house and I gave her crazy tasks, but this is my favorite. And the command center is working out wonderfully!

  2. I like the colors, it really brings the room to life! And good luck with the Beta Fish... we've been through three this year :)

  3. I love a project that is functional! I think I may need a clipboard on my wall! I'm always forgetting my papers!