Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Hardest Sewing Project Ever!

My best friend is having a baby in May. I'm so excited. From the day she got married, I knew I was going to do this project. Seems kind of crazy, but I was super excited.  Little did I know, when the time came, it would be so hard!  It was hard emotionally and for my talent level.  Read on...

So, I'm making a blanket.  Here is the fabric selection:
 Cut into 6.5inch squares. Easy. I've done this before. 
Here comes the hard part...See this? This is my brides maid dress when I was the matron of honor at her wedding.

See, here we are.  Her all pretty and glowing on her wedding day. Me all swollen and 5 months pregnant.  But it was a beautiful day, rained when it could and didn't when it shouldn't.

And here is that little princess in my belly, trying the dress on for size.  A little big :)

I had to hand wash it and hang it to dry because her niece spilled wine down the front and it left a huge stain. But I got it out.

 Yes, those are scissors on the dress, why do you ask. (Hand shaking, unsure I should really do it!)
 No going back now!
 Really no going back...
 Yup! Those are little 6.5 inch squares of my bridesmaid dress. 
 But you know what? It's okay, because this is turning out to be a beautiful quilt.
I'm so glad I did this. It turned out beautiful and made her cry (which is always the goal ha ha).  She's my best friend and this is the best baby gift I could ever give.  No gift I ever give again will mean as much to me.


  1. This is an incredible and touching gift....

  2. Great idea!!! My best friend is trying to get pregnant! What a personal and sentimental baby gift! This is one to remember!