Monday, March 3, 2014

Woodland Baby Shower

I've blogged about my kids' birthday parties, but this is the first time I've done a baby shower.  If you read my post last night, you know my best friend is having a baby and I'm so excited!  So I threw a baby shower for her. It turned out so beautiful.
It starts with the invitation.  I created all of this using the animals from the SIL store. However, the creator of the animals has a similar invitation in the SIL store.

The gift "table". You'll see more on this cute banner next Monday.

Woodland Animals Banner.  It's a boy! If you don't know already, I'm excited!  The animals are from the SIL store, font is KG Be Still and Know and I traced the banner shape from Google.

Cute little centerpieces. Fish bowls, moss and sticks from Dollar Tree and I got the bird house from Joann.

Yummy Snacks!  Chocolate covered pretzels and there was another jar with some covered in nuts as well. They're supposed to look like bird treats. They were really good!
Another delicious snack, acorns!  Hershey kisses, mini Nilla wafers and peanut butter chips all held together with frosting. Yum!
And what is a party without cupcakes? Don't you just LOVE this cupcake stand? My mom made it for me.  Cupcake stand is topped with a wooden R (for the baby's name) wrapped in green jute. Animal cupcake wrappers are from the SIL store and then I also created some of my own using the acorn from the gift bags.
Party favor bags from the SIL store.

Badges for the Mommy, Grandma and Aunts. These are made using Shrinky Dinks.  Started with a 3 inch circle in Studio and created my design.  Drew the badges using my pen holder and Sharpie Ultra Fine markers. Cut them out by hand or with a punch, punch a hole in the top and shrink. Add a safety pin and you have an awesome badge for the special people at the shower.
My favorite part was the guest book.  We did finger prints on a tree (from the sil store). Tree was drawn using Gelly Roll Gel Pens.
Games we played: Name the Baby Animal, Baby Shower Bingo and Guess the Belly Size.
It was a fantastic shower, filled with lots of love and support.  Now May can get here.  I'm ready to snuggle this baby!


  1. Hi Brooke Ann,

    I'm so glad you shared the photos! Everything is FABULOUS!!! This is the cutest baby shower for a baby boy that I have ever seen!!! Every detail from the invitations to the "bird treat" snacks is perfect. I bet the Aunts & Grandma loved having the badges to wear!

    Peace, Love and Joy,

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